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Navigating social eating on keto

The weather is amazing, and you are heading for a great long weekend but there are definitely some new challenges with the social side of the beautiful summer get togethers.  My like a boy scout!

Boy scouts live by the motto, "Be prepared!" and that's precisely what will get you through with eating good, wholesome, low carb food the next few days and beyond.

So here are my top tips:

1. So much can be avoided by simply planning ahead. If you have been invited out this weekend, what do you need to consider making it easier for yourself to stay on track? Personally, I try to eat something beforehand and that way I am not starving when I get there - I know my weaknesses and find ways to avoid the traps. You don’t want to arrive hungry and then spend the next 2 hours staring at crackers, chips, and brownies.

2. What will you take to the party that you can snack or eat on? Taking Keto foods to parties is one of the best ways of avoiding non-Keto snacks. So remember to take your favourites. I always offer to bring a snack platter and it has stood me in good stead many a time. It looks amazing and you just need to throw in some store-bought items like crackers, cheeses, stuffed olives and even ham rollups (super quick to make!) and you are good to go!

3. Then just before you head out of the house, mentally prepare yourself to stick to Keto. You’ve been to plenty of these parties before, so you know what foods to expect and what foods to avoid. 

What about dining out? Here are some quick thoughts: 

  1. Go for a protein and vegetables– avoid the pastas, risottos and rice dishes. My go-to is often steak and salad or if it's breakfast, try an egg benedict and swop the muffins for portabella mushrooms instead. 

  2. Ask for a salad or seasonal vegetables as a substitute for fries or potatoes!

  3. Request any sauces/dressings to be served on the side so you can use less of them if you need to. Sauces like pesto or chimichurri that include a lot of herbs and oil are usually a good bet. Mayonnaise is a good option if it is high fat, not the low-fat, diet version.

  4. Ask for some extra butter or extra virgin olive oil to have with your protein or on top of vegetables. I am that crazy person who takes a little bottle of homemade dressing with me to dinner! 

  5. Some restaurants have secret menu's - I love going to a restaurant nearby and I usually ask for soft scrambled eggs and a side of pork belly. It's not on the menu, but I select from what they have and just make up my own breakfast and it's D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S 😆. Or even better – make up a breakfast of sides. You get exactly what you want, and it often turns out to be cheaper!

Don't beat yourself up!

Most important! Don’t beat yourself up if you eat more carbs than planned.…sometimes you just can’t find a good option. Get right back on track at the next meal. 

Hope you have a great weekend, whatever you may be doing. Remember to take time out to do some self-care, whatever that looks like for you. Rest, get enough sleep, get your body moving, soak up the sun and do it with people who feed your soul.