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I’m Marielle, a Health Coach, specialising in the Ketogenic Lifestyle.

In 2016, I had enough of being overweight, lethargic and feeling that my health was out of control. I was still young and the prospect of going into my old age feeling like I did, filled me with hopelessness.

Adopting a Ketogenic Lifestyle changed all of that. I couldn’t keep things to myself and knew that the profound changes I had experienced could help others too. It was simple and easy to do, and I am so glad you’re here because it’s my mission to show you how.

As a certified PreKure Metabolic Health coach, I know the challenges in making a huge turnaround in your lifestyle. I have done the work, I understand, and I would like to share my freedom of a healthy well-functioning body with you.

So get on top of your eating habits and equip yourself with the tools for a healthy, first class life.

Let me help you back from that overwhelm and frustration because you have tried everything to lose weight. Break those old habits once and for all. With the help of someone in your corner, make the changes in manageable steps that set you up for life.



Your keto, your way.


Make sustainable, positive change.



Live your best life, forever.