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Emergency Kit

What's in your bag of tricks?

The kids aren’t ready for school, you are running late and the youngest has forgotten to take her hockey stick and as you bundle everyone into the car, your needs are last on the priority list. You get to work with minutes to spare, or not and you sink into your office chair and breathe a sigh of relief. As you day gets going you suddenly realize that you left your lunch, a beautiful bottled salad with smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers (yes, you actually made that and no, it didn’t take a Jamie Oliver level of skill) sitting in the fridge.
I don’t know what your home life looks like, but most busy people have a ton of things on their mind and if you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle and keep it all together, it can be hard when your day turns upside down and food becomes an issue. The first instinct is to turn to the birthday cake that the office manager brought in yesterday because you just don’t have time to head down to the organic store four blocks away to get something that’s good for your body and also fits in with your keto lifestyle.

I have found myself in that situation more than once and I was sick of the cycle of frustration and then guilt because I grabbed whatever was available to eat and you can bet it wasn’t keto! What do you do to get out of this frustration? Emergency keto kits!
I have some “emergency kits” tucked away in my car, my office desk and even in my handbag. It contains mostly non-perishable foods and they are high in fat and satisfy in a pinch. It buys me time to go and find something suitable to eat and not be starving when I make my choice. Being super hungry and desperate usually leads to terrible decisions and by having eaten something from my kit, I often don’t need to eat anything else until I get home, or I can make my choices when I stand in a fast food type place, more mindfully.

So what is in my kit:

  • Small can of tuna in olive oil (try to go for something sustainably caught)

  • Soft pack of olives

  • Nuts of various types, usually macadamias, walnuts and pistachios

  • Meat sticks like salami or biltong (jerky)

My emergency kit has saved me more than once and I am sure it will help you too! Make a list on your next shopping trip and get the few things that you need. Package them up in reusable Ziplock bags (I love the Davis and Waddel EcoPocket Sandwich pockets) and stash them in places you know you are likely to need them. Remember to check the expiry dates regularly if you haven’t used them in a while and replace the contents with fresh items. Hope this helps!